Gaudis Barcelona

The architect Antoni Gaudi left his traces in Barcelona. If you want to follow them, you could choose from the following tours!

You can discover his major work—the Sagrada Familia—or his other famous houses, like Casa Batlló or Casa Mila, or you can go on a walk through Park Güell! 

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view of Barcelona with Sagrada Familia and Torre Agbar

Sagrada Familia Tour

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Skip the line by booking a guided tour!


39,50 Euro for adults - save 10 Euro!

26 Euro for teens (10 - 17)

Free for children (0-09)


Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (approx.)

7 days a week, Morning or afternoon slots available

Language: English


Included in the price: Tour guide + Entrance fee



Provider: TicketBar

"The tour was first-class! We were a group of eight, our guide was knowledgeable, friendly, encouraged and answered all our questions. Couldn't ask for more! Maximum size of groups is perfect. Thank you all!" TicketBar-customer

The Tour:

Discover the most visited sight of Barcelona - the Sagrada Famila! This cathedral has more than 2 Million visitors per year, and for that reason she is the most visited building of Antoni Gaudi.


An experienced guide will lead you through the church and give information about the history, the architectural style, and about the story of the facades. They will also guide you through the Museum of Sagrada Familia where you will find examples of the construction history.


After the tour, you are free to stay a bit longer in the church of Gaudi - until the closing.


Skip the lines and discover the most popular building of Barcelona!

My review of the Sagrada Familia Tour

Basic information:

The booking process with Ticketbar is quite easy. But be sure that you’ve received two emails: one from Ticketbar itself, and one from the Tour Operator TGI. Also check your Spam folder. You can print out the confirmation email, or just show the guide the email on your mobile phone. Both methods work.

After that, you just have to be on time at the meeting point!


When I arrived (10 minutes early) at the meeting point the guide was already there, as was most of the rest of the group (Germans… on time, every time)! ;)


The Tour:

The tour starts outside of Sagrada Familia to talk about the early history, including how Gaudis started at that building site. Our tour guide, Mercé, showed us some details on the facade of the crypt.

As it is very noisy outside—because all of the cars passing us—Mercé had a small speaker. You could understand her, but it was a little taxing on the ears.


After that, we went to the group entrance where Mercé left us for a little while to get the tickets and the audiosysteme for us. With this, it was very easy to understand her and follow her stories while looking and enjoying the facade of Gaudi. There is a lot to see on this façade, and Mercé tried to explain as much as she could.


Our next step was going inside. And it gave a great “Wow!” effect! I have this feeling every time I visit! I am really looking forward to getting your comments on this!


After showing us the inside and explaining for more than 1.5 hours, Mercé left us. But at this point you still have time to explore the Sagrada Familia on your own. You can buy tickets for the towers, or go downstairs to the museum.



From the start to the end, the tour was a stress-free experience for me. And that is what we want, no? The information Mercé gave us was great, 1.5 hours is a good amount of time for a tour, and you can stand inside until they close. Enjoying the view from the towers, just sitting inside and staring at the ceiling!

Sagrada Familia Tour

now for 29,50 Euro p.P.

Or book a private guided Tour!

Sagrada Familia - Tapas - Gothic Quarter

Sagrada Familia - Tapas - Camp Nou

Sagrada Familia - Tapas - Picasso Tour

Sagrada Familia Tour

now for 29,50 Euro p.P.

Park Güell Tour

Lion in Parc Güell, Barcelona

Skip the line by booking a guided tour!


29 Euro for adults

24 Euro for teens (10-17)

Free for children (0-9)


Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Thursday to Monday, at 12.15 pm

Language: English


Included in the price: Tourguide + Entrance fee



Provider: TicketBar

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The Tour:

The wonderful and artistic Parc Güell is another highlight of Barcelona and of Antoni Gaudi. The park is located in the quarter of Gracia and you have a perfect view over the city.


The park dates from around the year 1900 and was supposed to be a garden-city in the middle of Barcelona including little one-family homes, squares and a markethall. Unfortunately - or fortunately - the project was never completed. Now we are able to visit this marvelous work of fountains, benches with colourful mosaics in the middle of the city.


During the tour, you'll learn to understand why this park is so unique and you will discover more about Gaudi and the client Güell. Enjoy the view and the diverse musicians, which are everywhere around the area!


Wonderful view over Barcelona and time for a picnic!

Park Güell Tour

for 29 Euro p.P.

Casa Batlló and Casa Mila Tour

Turret of Casa Mila (La Pedrera), Barcelona

Skip the line by booking a guided tour!


72 Euro for adults

36 Euro for teens (7-12)

Free for children (0-6)


Duration: 3 hours, 30 minutes (approx.)

Wednesday till Sunday, afternoon slots available

Language: English


Included in the Price: Guided Tour, Entrance fees to Casa Batllò and Casa Mila



Provider: TicketBar

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The Tour:

You will see two of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces on the promenade of Passeig de Gracia: Casa Batlló and Casa Mila.


With your guide, you will dive deep into Gaudi’s world and he will show you both the exterior and interior of the colorful Casa Batlló as well as the eccentric designed Casa Mila. During the Tour, you will learn everything about the life and career of Antoni Gaudi.


The style of Gaudi and the Modernism-inspired theme is dominated by curvy lines and mosaics made of broken ceramic tiles. Nature is the root of Modernism, so you will see irregular balconies and no straight walls - everything has an impression of waves, trees or dragon scales.


Dive into the world of Gaudi with wavy walls and dragon facades.