Top 5 Tours in Barcelona

If you only have few days to discover a city, you would like to use your time appropriately, right?


For that reason, I present you the Top 5 City Tours through Barcelona! 

The Barrio Gotico-Tour will show you the old town and will give you historical information about Barcelona. During the Modernisme-Tour, you'll discover the famous architects of Barcelona.


Must-sees are the Sagrada Familia and the Park Güell, two works of Antoni Gaudi, as well as the Picasso Museum. I hope you find the perfect tour for your visit!


Go to: 1. Sagrada Familia Tour
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Go to: 3. Eixample and the Modernisme Tour
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Go to: 5. Picasso Tour
modernist glass ceiling, Barcelona

1. Sagrada Familia Tour

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Skip the line by booking a guided tour!


39,50 Euro for adults - save 10 Euro!

26 Euro for teens (10 - 17)

Free for children (0-09)


Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (approx.)

7 days a week, Morning or afternoon slots available

Language: English


Included in the price: Tour guide + Entrance fee



Provider: TicketBar

"The tour was first-class! We were a group of eight, our guide was knowledgeable, friendly, encouraged and answered all our questions. Couldn't ask for more! Maximum size of groups is perfect. Thank you all!" TicketBar-customer

The Tour:

Discover the most visited sight of Barcelona - the Sagrada Familia! This cathedral has more than 2 Million visitors per year, and for that reason she is the most visited building of Antoni Gaudi.


An experienced guide will lead you through the church and give information about the history, the architectural style, and about the story of the facades. They will also guide you through the Museum of Sagrada Familia where you will find examples of the construction history.


After the tour, you are free to stay a bit longer in the church of Gaudi - until the closing.


Skip the lines and discover the most popular building of Barcelona!

My review of the Sagrada Familia Tour

Basic information:

The booking process with Ticketbar is quite easy. But be sure that you’ve received two emails: one from Ticketbar itself, and one from the Tour Operator TGI. Also check your Spam folder. You can print out the confirmation email, or just show the guide the email on your mobile phone. Both methods work.

After that, you just have to be on time at the meeting point!


When I arrived (10 minutes early) at the meeting point the guide was already there, as was most of the rest of the group (Germans… on time, every time)! ;)


The Tour:

The tour starts outside of Sagrada Familia to talk about the early history, including how Gaudis started at that building site. Our tour guide, Mercé, showed us some details on the facade of the crypt.

As it is very noisy outside—because all of the cars passing us—Mercé had a small speaker. You could understand her, but it was a little taxing on the ears.


After that, we went to the group entrance where Mercé left us for a little while to get the tickets and the audiosysteme for us. With this, it was very easy to understand her and follow her stories while looking and enjoying the facade of Gaudi. There is a lot to see on this façade, and Mercé tried to explain as much as she could.


Our next step was going inside. And it gave a great “Wow!” effect! I have this feeling every time I visit! I am really looking forward to getting your comments on this!


After showing us the inside and explaining for more than 1.5 hours, Mercé left us. But at this point you still have time to explore the Sagrada Familia on your own. You can buy tickets for the towers, or go downstairs to the museum.



From the start to the end, the tour was a stress-free experience for me. And that is what we want, no? The information Mercé gave us was great, 1.5 hours is a good amount of time for a tour, and you can stand inside until they close. Enjoying the view from the towers, just sitting inside and staring at the ceiling!

Sagrada Familia Tour

for 29,50 Euro p.P.

Or book a private Tour!

Sagrada Familia - Tapas - Gothic Quarter

Sagrada Familia - Tapas - Camp Nou

Sagrada Familia - Tapas - Picasso Tour

Sagrada Familia Tour

for 29,50 Euro p.P.

2. Barrio Gotico

Placa Reial, Barcelona


21 Euro for adults

16 Euro for teens (11-16)

Free for children (0-10)


Duration: 2 hours

Wednesday to Sunday, at 6 pm

Language: English


Included in the price: Tourguide



Provider: TicketBar

"We want to thank you for both, the "Sagrada Familia Tour" and especially the "Barrio Gotico Tour". We enjoyed the time with your guide very much and have seen a lot of things we did not expected. Thanks again and many greetings from the cloud covered Berlin Markus" TicketBar-customer

The Tour:

The most known and most visited quarter of Barcelona is the "Barrio Gotico." Here you can see and feel the long history of Barcelona. You can also discover nice little bars and some shopping hotspots.


During the two-hour tour, you will get information about the founding of Roman Barcinos, and you will also see the medieval cathedral La Seu. You will pass hidden alleys and squares, and in the end you will see the political center of modern-day Barcelona - the Placa St. Jaume.

Be ready for a trip back into history and a deep dive into the city's rhythm.

My review of the Barrio Gotico Tour

Relief of the Cathedral of Barcelona

The booking-process

To test the booking process and the tour itself, I visited the Barrio Gotico-Tour.

First I want to mention some points of the booking process. At some points, it can be confusing - but don't be detered! If you are looking at the TicketBar site in your preferred language, the tour will automatically be in this language. During the process, you won't have the possibility of choosing a language for the tour - which can be confusing. But the website is very intelligent and figures it out by itself! ;)

Next, I want to mention that my confirmation didn't arrive directly. Rather, the first confirmation from TicketBar arrived on time - but they mentioned that there will be a second confirmation from the Agency in Barcelona within 24 hours. But this didn't happen. Right now, it's Barcelona’s high season and so they have a lot to do - that was probably the problem. On my request, I received my guide-voucher.

The tour

The day of the tour, the guide was a bit tricky to find. He had no folder or anything else. I will give this feedback back to the agency, because I think that it causes unnecessary stress.

But let’s talk about the tour! During this 1.5 - 2 hours, we’ve seen very interesting places throughout the Barrio Gotico and the district of Born. We started at Placa Catalunya and the guide gave an introduction of Barcelona and the district of Eixample. And then we entered the older history of Barcelona. Apart from the "Els quatre gats," the Bar where Picassos had his first exhibition, we saw the churches of Santa Maria del Pi and Santa Maria del Mar, the hidden Placa Neri, the temple of Augustus and the new opened cultural center of Born.


This was the point where the guide left us. If you don't know where exactly you are - because this can happen easily in these little streets - ask him to give you directions on how to get back to Placa Catalunya!



The tour through the gothic quarter was a wonderful start to getting to know Barcelona and its long history - from the Roman settlement until today. You will see parts of Barcelona which you probably wouldn't otherwise see if you were going on your own path. And you will see Barcelona through different eyes!

Barrio Gotico Tour

for 21 Euro p.P.

3. Eixample and the Modernisme

Casa Batlló, Barcelona


12 Euro for adults

10 Euro for students with ID


Duration: 2 hours

Language: English


Included in the price: Tourguide



Provider: GetYourGuide

"Helen was our guide and from beginning to end of this walking tour she was entertaining and informative. The stories she told were like she had lived them all first hand and she answered all questions confidently and competently also. So pleased we decided to do this despite only being in Barcelona for 2 days felt like I got so much from the 2 hour walking tour. At the end we went into La Sagrada Familia and were able to translate what we had learned into the inside of the building. Felt like I knew Gaudi by this point. Highly recommend."

GetYourGuide-customer from UK, May 29th, 2014

The Tour:

Barcelona is very associated with the name Antoni Gaudi. On this walking tour through the city, you will be able to trace this famous architect and his contemporary colleagues. The period we are talking about is modernism.

This period and style is a cultural "renaissance" of the 19th century for Barcelonese citizens. Gaudi and his colleagues were working with this spirit, and they’ve mixed traditional trade with upcoming modern techniques.


During the tour, you will be in the Eixample district. You will see lots of magnificent buildings, like the Casa Battló, the Pedrera, the Casa Lleó-Morera, and of course - the highlight of this époque - the Sagrada Familia!

Enjoy the colorful architecture of modernisme!

My review of the Modernisme - Tour

former ticket-counter of Palau de la Musica Catalana

The booking-process

Again, the booking-process through the platform of GetYourGuide was very easy! You get your voucher directly after the booking and you only have to print it or load it onto your mobile phone. That’s it!


The tour

The Meeting Point was well explained and the guide was easy to find. It’s impossible to miss the red umbrella of the company! Just show the guide your voucher and your ID and there you go!

Our group was very big for an October tour: 18 persons. We didn’t get an audio-system, but that was no problem: Carsen – our Netherland-American guide - talked very clear and loud so that you could understand everything she said. Because of this, the number of group-participants wasn’t a problem at all.


We started the tour in the Barrio Gotico; this was kind of confusing in the beginning (we booked a tour through Eixample) but as we went to our first stop, it kind of made sense. We started the tour at the “Palua de la Musica Catalan” and that is a very beautiful modernist building, located in the old town. And this shouldn’t be missed when taking a modernism tour!


After the Palau, we walked to “Placa Catalunya“ and into the Eixample! The quarter of Eixample is THE Modernism quarter of Barcelona! Carsen told us a lot about the different houses and their architectural style, as well as some interesting and funny background stories about Barcelona, the architects and their clients.

So we went up the Passeig de Gracia and saw the Casa Batlló and the Casa Milá of Gaudi and buildings of other architects as well. After that, we took the metro (so be sure you’ve got some cash) and drove to Sagrada Familia. This was our last stop. Carsen left us here, but before doing so she answered all our questions according to the tour and the next orientation.



GetYouGuide offers in combination with this tour an entrance ticket to Sagrada Familia. That is a good idea because then you get to learn a lot about modernism and Gaudi, and it would be a great final to visit the Sagrada Familia. With this ticket, you can skip the lines - but it is linked to a timeslot, so make sure that you got some time because our tour lasted a bit longer than two hours!



I – as habitant of Barcelona - learned a lot! And also, for a first visit of Barcelona, this tour can be very informative and entertaining

Eixample and Modernism Tour

for 12 Euro p.P.

4. Tapas Walking Tour

Spanish sausages on a market of Barcelona


Open Tour:

59 Euro per Person

Private Tour:

177 Euro for one Person 

108 Euro two till three Persones (price p. P.)

73 Euro from four Persons on (price p. P.)

65 Euro from six Persons on (price p. P.)


Ouration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Language: English


Included in the price:

Tour- and Gourmetguide

7 hot and cold Tapas

2 glases of wine or beer



Provider: GetYourGuide

"Pretty self explanatory... walk around and learn some history, hitting up tapas bars along the way. We learned a lot about barcelona tapas: patatas bravas, bombas, etc. all of the stops were high-class bars... never felt like we were walking into a dive..." GetYourGuide-customer, March 29th 2014

The Tour:

Eat like a local and have fun while learning more about Barcelona's tapas traditions!

Visit the oldest market of Barcelona - La Boqueria - at the Ramblas. After this vivid experience, you will discover some gourmet shops that are more than 100 years old. You will also make your first tasty stop at a brasserie with three montaditos.


The tour will end in a local restaurant where you will have four tapas, a glass of wine or beer, and more information about wines, Catalan cuisine, and Spain's cultural influences on the local food.


What's the best about a guided tour? Information, good food, and wine!

Tapas Walking Tour

starting at 59 Euro p.P.

5. Picasso Tour

Street Art showing Picasso, Barcelona

Skip the line by booking a guided tour!


36 Euro for adults

12 Euro for teens (11-16)

Free for chilren (0-10)


Duration: 1hour 30 minutes

Thuesday to Sunday, 9.30 am or 3 pm

Language: English


Included in the price: 

Guided tour through the city, Entrance fee for Picasso Museum



Provider: TicketBar

"We would definitely recommend that you take this trip. We learned a lot, especially about Picasso's early life which was fascinating as the focus always tends to be on his later cubist works. It was great to be in a small group of five too as the whole event was very personalised." TicketBar-customer

The Tour:

The Artist Pablo Picasso lived in Barcelona as he was a child and student. With this tour you can follow his routes. Where did he live? Where did he study, work and exhibit? What is the "Els Quatre Gats"?


The guide will tell you the most important facts about Picasso, his live and work, and they will prepare you for the visit of the Picasso Museum. You will visit it after the city-tour and the guide will hand you out the tickets. 


Inside of the Museum you will find Picassos first works, the famous "Blue Period" and the detailed examination of Velazquez work "Las Meninas". (Visit of the Museum without guide)


Take a tour through Barcelona and skip the lines to visit the Picasso Museum! 

Picasso and Barcelona

for 36 Euro p.P.